Monday, August 8, 2016

But First

Yesterday we were all settled on our mats and then You've been great but when is Joy coming back?

What a question...

At the end of class, I loved it when Erin said And thank you for letting me guide you while Joy is away...

During one of my pre-work reading sessions, I read a Prevention magazine article about Nutritious Movement. My favorite line:

We are capable of moving and repositioning our bodies in small but powerful ways 100% of our waking hours.

I'm not sure what struck the biggest chord, but I'm motivated to dig deeper and move more. Reading Nourish Your Body Through Movement also reaffirmed my decision to keep doing yoga even though I crave the simplest and gentlest of classes.

Listened to the first episode Katy Bowman's first podcast as I walked to work today. Of course, I also checked out Bowman's Instagram account and this post has inspired me to incorporate more hikes into my regimen.

For those of who might think my kids are always stoked to go out on an all uphill hike in the rain, allow me to share this picture. (P.S. My daughter picked this out as the picture to share capturing her mood; she was ok with me posting it.) As you know, walking uphill is different than level-ground walking. We can go 6 miles no carry and 10 miles all downhill, but uphill is where they're least conditioned to (because we keep picking flat because it's easier to go far and thus more enjoyable for all). Nevertheless, going uphill is required to develop the parts necessary for going uphill. To continue to avoid it is to continue to be missing necessary parts. SO. We found a cool 1-mile steep climb in the forest, that leads to an old fire lookout. We'll do this once a day for three more days, improving each time and then they'll get to see firsthand how they improve. But until then, #whinefestcentral #gooutsideanyway #MoveYourDNA #letthemmovetheirDNA #thisispartoftheprocess
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This morning's pre-work reading material came from the March issue of O: The Oprah Magazine about soul mates. In Work Wife Mallory Ortberg talks about her business partner and cofounder of The Toast. I love it when she writes:
I stumbled upon her work on a different site back in 2011, and the only way I can describe how I felt is that I wanted her brain and mine to collide into one another at maximum speed in the middle of a sun meadow.
Yeah, I think their relationship definitely falls into the soul mate category...


  1. Thanks for posting that Nutritious Movement link. I'm going to start doing those immediately.

    LOL the brain collision.