Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Swim Night Antics

No More 8:30 PM Light
Interesting night at the pool.

As I chatted with one of coaches of the youth team about her husband who'd just had surgery, this woman entered the lane that I had planned to enter.

Chatty Kathleen immediately told her that it was my lane and I told her "No problem; I don't mind sharing." Still, she got out but returned because it was a busy night at the pool.

She (Jill) waited until I got to the end of the lane then asked if we could lane share. Did I want to swim in straight line or circle? She also asked which side of the lane I preferred -- Any way you like it she said.

Jill is a much better swimmer than I am and when I asked her how many laps she usually swims, she said 80. In response to my jaw dropping, she told me that she used to be a swimmer.

I told her that I learned to swim as an adult and she said that I had a nice, steady stroke. Jill used to be a swim coach but says that she can't correct her own kid's stroke because, basically, he won't listen to her.

Kathleen exited the pool as Jill and I were exchanging names. She's my friend Kathleen said. I told Kathleen that there was enough to share. Kathleen also told me, earlier, that she realized that  I could take care of myself...

Had yet another dream. I was admiring the most beautiful blue water and then was involved in what was sure to be a devastating crash but I woke up before impact.


  1. I would love to see the City Museum. I can totally see where those dreams came from! And I'm glad you woke before impact. That must be a positive omen.

  2. I think it was a positive omen and I hope you get to see the City Museum. I would enlist Alison because that woman knows her way around the CM.