Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Water Will Crinkle

While swimming yesterday, I wore earrings that Alison made for me -- not my normal swimming earrings which I couldn't find them.

A's earrings sounded like wind chimes while underwater. Cool bonus...

Cleaned up then went to yoga after swimming. Pro-tip: even if you think that you've gotten all the water out of your ears, you haven't and when you do partial sun salutations, the water will crinkle as you swan dive. Annie's class was unbelievably relaxing last night -- just in the first five minutes -- and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull off even one downward-facing dog but I did...

A colleague asked me if  I were in the Olympics what team would I be on. I answered basketball and she looked at me in surprise. I said that if I were on the swim team, I'd get my butt kicked and she said that she would too but we're just imagining so I changed my answer to basketball and swimming and, while we're using our imagination, I can dunk too.

I love this Lou Bloomfield video about the physics of swimming.

I also like this story of the Chinese swimmer who used her mystic energy.


  1. I love the interviews with her. She is both adorable and powerful.