Monday, August 15, 2016


Catsup Bottle, Table and Coat, Roy DeCarava
Yesterday was the last day for the city pool and they were going to have adults only swim again but the day was thwarted by low temps and rain, rain, rain.

It's been gently but persistently raining for a while now. Still, I walked to work. Listened to part of two podcasts including a Kripalu Perspectives one.

On the way home from yoga tonight, I realized that I've been going to Monday night yoga for years now. It's been such an important way for me to set the table as far as having a good or decent week. Actually, it's been a way to hit the reset button on Monday night.

In the Absolutely Positive episode of Kripalu Perspectives, Megan McDonough says that one of things that we can do is ask ourselves is What's working in my life? It's definitely a much better question than What's wrong with me? etc.

I find myself following all of the yoga, meditation and sound therapy accounts on Instagram. Trying to not feel tapped out as people like to say nowadays.

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