Thursday, August 4, 2016


At work efforts are being made to boost morale. There was a coloring event to be done in groups of five. There are not five people in my department or four or three and I'm the only full-time person so I had to go in search of my own coloring sheet and I had no idea who had markers and, in the end, I had no time to color the darn paper anyway.

Before my workplace moved into the building that we're currently in, it was unoccupied and people in the neighborhood used part of a semi-enclosed lawn as an unofficial dog park and, sometimes, they still bring their dogs during the work day. For the record, I would never do that. At any rate, a puppy ran past my window.

Our Zumba sub has been a dancer since she was three and we had a super fun class.

I'm not in dire straits but, damn, I'm tired and something else which I can't necessarily name.


  1. I disapprove of morale boosting activities at work. By the time you need morale boosting, doing stuff like coloring isn't helping anything. Bad morale is because there are problems, and unless those problems are addressed, the boosting is just distracting and annoying.

    I also disapprove of team building, unless it involves beer at a non-work location.

    I do like puppies running past, tho.