Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Arc

As I stood in the gym, I was in disbelief that not one of the treadmills, StairMasters or AMT's was available.

I finally looked around and saw that a ski-like machine was open. I have wanted to shake up things a bit and my opportunity presented itself today.

After I had worked out for forty minutes, I saw that I was on a Cybex Arc Trainer. When I first got on, it seemed to just be working my glutes, legs and arms and I was thinking to myself that's just what I need, bigger legs. I've always had big legs and they do not need any more definition.

I felt as if I had been lifting weights afterwards. My stomach was also taut. I kind of liked the Arc Trainer and will definitely use it again. I found this lofty titled article, A Comparative Kinematic and Biomechanical Analysis
of Two Gait Simulators
, on the Cybex site. The gait simulators are ellipticals and Arc Trainers. Next, I went to YouTube and, of course, they had several videos about the Arc.

I didn't finish watching the video because the way that I was sweating told me all that I needed to know about the weird Arc Trainer.

1 comment:

  1. I encourage you to stick with The Arc Trainer! soon it will be your best friend and not a foreigner! also take notice to the calorie increase you achieve on this machine vs. ellipticals. and i bet you aren't sore (or nearly as sore) if you conducted an all out cardio workout elsewhere.

    Signed, An Avid Arc User