Monday, February 9, 2009

What the Inner Child Wanted

I bought a water tattoo. I actually bought two. The other one says backstroke.

It's ironic that I chose this tatt since the breastroke is not one of my greatest accomplishments. I do it Frank Sinatra style i.e. my way. I don't even bob up and down. I missed that class while out of town. My teacher's interest, at the time, was getting me to complete a lap by any means necessary with or without bobbing.

I selected the frog to remind me of how I should be moving my legs. In the end, a young child's needs are not so complex as to require justification.

I swam 17.5 laps or 35 lengths today in less than an hour. I noticed that my swimming is more efficient these days. I also noticed that the straps of my swimming suit or starting to slide again. Either the safety pins have moved from my first adjustment or swimming suit two is further evidence that I'm loosing inches again despite the stuck scale.

For the most part, I resorted to the back crawl and sidestroke with a few attempts at the front crawl.

Tonight's attendees at open swim included four kids, a guy with scuba gear and, of course, the front crawler. In my mind, I refer to her as Leon: The Professional since she's like an assassin. The front crawler is neither unfriendly nor sociable; she just comes in and gets the job done.

And what does a hungry swimmer eat? The lentil vegetable soup that she made on Sunday...

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