Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Weekend Circus

I thought about going to Forest Park today but when I stuck my head outside it didn't feel nearly as warm as it felt yesterday. I decided to go to the fitness club. "Eye of the Tiger" came along at the right time in the MP3 shuffle rotation because I was about 57 minutes into an hour-long workout and my speed was at 4.0. I thought that I would have to hit the pause button but I managed to gut it out with my musical inspiration.

According to the treadmill, I burned 462 calories and it felt like it. I was all tuckered out which, of course, did not stop me from trekking to Schnucks to pick up some ingredients for soup.

Yesterday, I swam 16 laps -- a little shy of half a mile. I also went to see Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco. I've heard that heroin users spend subsequent highs chasing that first dynamic one. I'm using heroin as an example but I don't know anything about heroin addiction since the world is better off with a drug-free 'Drea. Plus, given my obssession with ordinary things, let's face it, I would be a superb addict. The first time that I went to see Cirque du Soleil, the show was exceptional. I wanted to plan a trip to Las Vegas just to see the circus of the sun but I haven't felt that way in awhile and I can't even remember which shows I went to see. One was definitely a big top show. I feel like I went to see Varekai and Quidam.

Is Cirque resting on their laurels?

Cirque is certainly not resting on the souvenir prices; maybe they're counting on the $100 ticket holders to indulge. There are usually acts to admire in any Cirque production and while there were some jaded elements to Saltimbanco, I absolutely loved the boleadoras and the artistic bicycle acts and, by the end of the show, I was on the edge of my seat hoping for an encore.

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