Saturday, February 21, 2009


In less than two weeks, I dropped almost $500 dollars on car maintenance and repairs. I wish it were that easy to drop pounds. I am plateauing right now (not that there's anything wrong with that...).

Now, I usually go swimming on Saturdays but when I saw the dusting of snow, it made me rethink my strategy since the water tends to be chilly at the county pools and, in addition to the weather, I was going to get my hair cut. I imagined dunking my closely shaved head into the chilly water and nixed the idea. Plus, weight loss plateau pundits say it only takes the body four weeks to become accustomed to a workout and I've been swimming again and again.

I went to the gym which was, surprisingly, not crowded. I decided to do an hour on the treadmill but when I was finishing up, the UNC vs. Maryland basketball game had gone into overtime. The game was so good that I didn't want to miss a moment of it. So, I re-upped and did ten more minutes.

After the game, I headed over to the AMT machine to log an additional 15 minutes of exercise. I thought that I would be staggering from fatigued but I felt good.

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