Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Workout Before the Workout

I put bag #1 in the trunk so no one mistakes it for anything valuable.

Since I'm leaving work at five, I decide to go through the city to get to the fitness club.

As I'm heading down Chippewa, I see $1.89 fuel prices at QuikTrip (or QuikS@#%) if you're talking to my Aunt L.

The gas stations are so stealthy.

I keep trucking until I spot a 7 Eleven that still has $1.65 fuel. I don't really want to stop but... Of course, this 7 Eleven has the smallest parking lot in the world and when I leave the lot, I'm in a turn lane with no left turn signal. I finally maneuver onto a muffler shop's lot and getting into the flow of traffic is no piece of cake from this point either.

At last, I'm back on Chippewa and it's not pretty but I manage not to have full blown road rage as I see the red of so many brake lights.

Once in the gym, I swipe my membership card, head to the locker room and weave through other women to try to find an open locker. By the time I exchange my work clothes for some workout clothes, I'm almost too tired to tie the laces on my Nike shoes. Next, I look for an open machine. Since the AMT's are all taken, I decide to do thirty minutes on a treadmill. I restrain myself from upping the incline too much since my calves are still a little tender from the Arc Trainer adventure two days ago.

As strange as it seems, I had more energy post-workout. It's just a challenge to get to the actual treadmill some days.

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