Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month-End Review, February

I went to the gym at 9:35 this morning and the house was full. Even the yogis were in action. There were some waiting for machines but the waiters did not want the available AMT so I hopped on.

As I was working out, I heard this youngster, who was sitting on the floor, give the go ahead to this woman who looked liked she was in her 70's; she had her plaid shirt tucked into her jeans and was holding on to her black purse.

"You can go ahead and get on; I'll probably be on the treadmill much longer than you."

Plaid shirt put her hands on her hips and said "What makes you think so?"

Well, at least the youngster tried to be chivalrous and several of us worked our abs by laughing.

As I was about 47 minutes into my workout, sweat was rolling down the sides of my face (what a feeling) and I got back-to-back 50 Cent on the MP3 to push me over the top.
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shorty...

If I can't do it, homie, it can't be done...

After working out, I went to Dierbergs to score some Dannon All Natural Peach Yogurt. In a disturbing trend, another one of my favorite foods has disappeared; I have not been able to find Dannon AN Peach in awhile.

Someone was getting arrested very early in the day on Dierbergs' parking lot. I don't know why the cop had to verbally flex:


To me, it looked like she was standing on the outside of the car. And why wouldn't she get out surrounded by three cop cars? Maybe she heard about the Oakland, CA incident...

Dierbergs did not have my beloved peach but since I'm in flexible mode, I purchased the Dannon All Natural Strawberry.

I kept trucking down the road to Sappington's Farmer's Market and got some blueberries ($1.25), strawberries ($2.50) and a pineapple ($2.50).

It's month-end review time. An X on the calendar represents a day of exercise. I was like Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and took off exclusively on Fridays. Here are the numbers:

AMT, 2x's

Arc Trainer, Once

Forest Park 6.2 Mile Trail, Once

Swimming, 11x's

Treadmill, 8x's

Yoga, Once

On more than one occasion, I did some minor weight training and rope jumping to supplement my workouts but no matter how you look at the numbers (61,000 + calories consumed; 11,000 + calories burned), the scale was magical and unmoving.

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