Wednesday, February 18, 2009

While Elevated

I'm starting to think that I have Beginning of the Week Sad Affective Disorder and the work week didn't even start on Monday. Ouch.

Yesterday I went swimming at the 12th and Park Center. I didn't really feel like exercising but went anyway. There was a mother and child present so the lane line had to stay in the middle of the pool which meant to access the deep end, I would have had to duck under the divider which didn't really work for me. What was real cute was that the mother went to the deep end and left her child in the shallow end. I don't know how many laps I swam and even though I felt like I was fighting the water, at the end of the hour, I was more relaxed than when I got into the pool but definitely drained.

Today, I was still a tad bit temperamental. I went swimming and felt more in sync with the water. Three kids, who were taking swimming lessons, stayed on one side of the pool while I took lane one, the front crawler claimed lane two and Kate (main swimming partner-in-crime) took up residence near the middle of the pool.

I swam 18.5 laps (or 37 lengths). I took time to float and, while elevated, thought about the possibility of a water bed. When I left the recreation center, the world felt less hostile.

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