Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl XXIII

I am officially rooting for the Arizona Cardinals since I'm fond of former STL Ram Kurt Warner; plus, I love a good underdog or cinderella story.

Even though I'm rooting for the Cardinals, I definitely have to give props to Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu.

Troy is impressive as all get out. He puts it on the line every game. I was watching him play against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship on Jan. 18th. It was fourth down and the Ravens needed one yard. Polamalu flew sideways over the pack and helped to stop the Ravens' progress.

I remember how I would look at players' profiles on and think how I weighed as much or more than some football players -- only most of the players were 6'0 feet plus and I was 5'3 and some change...

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