Saturday, January 31, 2009

Month-End Review, January

That's my $2 dollar calendar that I picked up at Whole Foods. The calendar and a reusable tote bag are probably the cheapest items that you can score at WF.

Those red X marks represent days that I exercised. I got the red X idea from a fitness magazine. It's a visual reminder of how much or how little I've exercised and it's a technique that I like to use. Half an X means that I didn't feel like I had an optimum workout.

In looking at the calendar, I should have allowed for a few more days for rest, particularly in the last two weeks of January when I was exercising nonstop. I really didn't feel like my regimen was severe except for the days after rock climbing when I would swim. Rock climbing found me experiencing some deep soreness but not enough to take ibuprofen.

According to my entries in The Daily Plate, I consumed approximately 67,000 calories and burned about 10,576 calories in the month of January.

I swam sixteen days out of thirty one. Surprise, surprise; it means I'm not taking full advantage of my fitness club membership. My contract with the club is up in three months and I'll have to make a decision about continuing my membership or joining another facility that has more amenities.

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