Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introduction to Rock Climbing, Part Deux

Ouch. Especially in the area of the biceps, triceps and gluteus.

I continue to have belaying issues.

In addition to climbing and practicing the belay technique, I also worked on tying a double figure eight knot.

I went swimming for half an hour prior to rock climbing class. The tandem of swimming and rock climbing is probably not the best idea since both require arm and leg movements. I tried a more difficult climbing route and was unable to make it all the way to the top. Could it be that fatigue was setting in?

When I went back to the easiest route, I ended up being separated from the wall but I was able to get a grip again and continue to climb on.

The first time that I went climbing and was trying to figure out how to work my way up the puzzle of a wall, I absolutely could not hold on anymore. It was, for a brief moment, a terrifying experience since I had forgotten that I had a harness on and was attached to a rope with a double figure eight knot and a safety knot to boot.

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