Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mother of All Weight Loss Plateaus

I went to Mehlville to swim today. After 22 laps (or 44 lengths), I left the pool spent, ashy and with transparent fingernails. It took me about one hour and thirty minutes to complete 22 laps.

For the most part, I resorted to the back crawl. It's ironic that I was swimming because I felt like the underdog in a heavyweight boxing match when it was all said and done.

I am stuck in the mother of all weight loss plateaus. I've been there and experienced that before but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. My fitness strategies for pushing past plateaus don't seem to be working.

I'm considering tweaking the food that I eat again. At the top of the "to go" list is veggie chips which ranks right there behind potato chips on the hierarchy of fat grams. However, when I was first tweaking my diet it was nice to step down on the second rung of the ladder as opposed to just jumping off.

Here's an interesting article on some American Muslim women's path to swimming.

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