Sunday, January 11, 2009


The scale finally moved south again.

Was it a coincidence that one of my co-workers looked at me with astonishment once the scale moved? She suddenly noticed that my face looked slimmer. Another co-worker commented that she had seen me walking down the hall and hardly recognized me.

I have to give credit to Erica. We work together and go to the same gym. Whenever I vent about the unwavering scale, she points to my clothes and comments on the looseness. I thank her for the redirection and reminder that my sole focus should not be on the scale.

When my one astonished co-worker asked me how much weight I had lost, even I was shocked at the number that came out of my mouth. So, here's to appreciating maintenance and 47 pounds gone.


  1. Andrea that is really sweet! I am so happy for you and I have to admit a little jealous due to you ability to work out.  It is only going to continue to become more rewarding. Maybe one day you and I could run a 5K together. Keep it remember now you are inspiring others!


  2. Erica, you know that I can not wait to see you back at the gym again doing your thing on your favorite machine. I'm counting on it. And, yes, we will have to participate in some event together.