Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dissolution of Tenseness

I have been very tense the last couple of days and I was looking forward to going to the recreation center to swim. I managed to complete fifteen laps in one hour. I can't fully explain how right and relaxed I felt post-swimming. Each and every one of my concerns simply dissolved.

During open swim, it was me, my swimming cohort, a few other adults swimming laps plus some kids learning how to swim. After the kids practiced, they started splashing water with noodles and kick boards. Only the kids' giggles alerted me that my lane had been abbreviated. I waited a few seconds until the lane was clear again and continued propelling myself towards the edge of the pool.

The lifeguard/DJ was playing the softer tones of Sade today.

I felt like I was at an impromptu Winter pool party or maybe the party vibe was all in my head since I was so relaxed.

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