Monday, January 19, 2009


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I went to the Missouri History Museum today to see the George Washington Carver and Katherine Dunham exhibits.

Among the things that I admire Carver i.e. "the peanunt man" for was his donation of $60,000 to the George Washington Carver Foundation. He made roughly $1,500 a year yet managed to save money. In addition, Carver was "green" before it was in vogue. Born in 1864, Carver certainly did not enter the world in an ideal environment yet he still excelled.

Katherine Dunham used to say that she wanted the words "she tried" on her tombstone. Not only did Dunham try, she represented big time. I love the picture of Dunham and Nina Simone when Dunham was an artist-in-residence at Southern Illinois University. That's an awesome cover picture of Dunham on the January 1947 edition of Ebony magazine too. This is not the picture on the Ebony cover but a eloquent one nonetheless.

After my trip to the history museum and watching footage of a Dunham workshop, I was ready to move as well. I went to the gym which was crowded. The fitness club might want to consider getting a "take a number" machine. Two treadmills and one AMT were out of commission. I ended up working out on a treadmill but could have definitely torched more calories had an AMT been available.


Calories Burned, 273

Incline, 4.5%, Highest

Maximum Heart Rate, 153

Miles, 2.08
Minutes, 40

Speed, 3.7, Highest

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