Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chip's Song

Barely made it to kettlebell class. Nothing new there. Ate spoonfuls of oatmeal while getting dressed then made my exit. On the way, silently talked to myself about the art of gutting out a tough workout.

Me: I can't believe that Chip's not here.

Marina: He talked for the entire time last class.

Me: Oh, you took care of him.

Marina: He left here in good health.

Ha ha, that's totally something that an immigrant, gangster or gangster immigrant would say.

As we warmed up with jumping jacks, mountain climbers and other jacks and whatnot, I was out of breath and wondered how someone who exercises so much can get fatigued five minutes into a 60 minutes class but I guess that fatigue happens even when you're in shape.

We started off with a ten minute circuit:

  • Two Hand Swings
  • Right Hand Swings
  • Left Hand Swings
  • Alt. Tactical Lunges
  • Forearm Plank
  • Around the Body with a Catch
  • Squat, Curl, Press, Triceps...
  • Right Row
  • Left Row
  • Hand-to-Hand Swings
  • Bottoms Up Press

  • I'm pretty sure that I've left out many things but you get the picture. I was so happy when Marisa talked to the newbies so that I could catch my breath. After that circuit, we concentrated on the Turkish Get-Up and practiced in stages because of said newbies and we practiced a lot.

    Marisa finally left two of us to our own devices to execute Get-Ups. By the time I got to my left side,  fatigue had set in. Marisa noticed and made me focus: Andrea, keep it pretty. I wasn't feeling much like one but when I'm a Ninja came on, I was like -- Oh, that's Chip's song...

    And, apparently, it's not just Chip's song because I kind of dig it but I don't think this song is it because it sounds pretty different from the one that Mike has on his play list. Want me to sing it for you? I'm a ninja; I'm a ninja. I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm a ninja.

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