Monday, April 30, 2012

The Wide-Angle or Month-End Review, April

I have been in a foul mood today and it’s been brewing for a while – a curious state for someone who spent a considerable amount of time chillaxing in San Diego.

I wanted to go to boxing class but it was full and I had my eye on a substitute boxing class but that didn’t pan out but not boxing was probably a good thing because I’m quite sore from yesterday’s kettlebell beat down.

I went swimming and felt all of the tightness in my hamstrings. Afterwards, I really didn’t feel like moving from my computer chair but I decided to go to yoga which turned out to be such a good decision. Donna likes to tell us to imagine that we have an eraser and to just erase away everything that happened earlier in the day.

At one point, we did a wide-angle downward facing dog and I don’t think that we’ve ever done that before. While in DFD, we shifted our hips to the right then to the left. It was an amazing stretch for the back of the legs and my hamstrings are no longer tight. In fact, my brain is no longer tight. So glad that I went…

Backs and Biceps Class, 1 x
Bicycling, 1 x
Boxing, 3 x's
Kettlebell Class, 2 x's
Lawn Mowing, 2 x's
Pure Barre Class, 1 x
Rock Climbing, 2 x's
Swimming, 5 x's
Walking, 10 x's
Yoga, 8 x's

How was your April?


  1. Glad you went too! My April was it already over?

  2. Cindy,

    Yoga was definitely the solution on Monday -- not sure when it's not. :)

    April did fly by, didn't it?