Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Pack

I've been put in a three pack lately because of odd numbers in boxing class. Wasn't quite sure how that would turn out but one person handles the mitts. Two others have on gloves and take turns hitting. The person who is not hitting the mitts shadowboxes.

But what happens when there's one person holding Thai pads? All kind of fun ensues.

One person kicks from the left.

The other from the right.

But there is no simultaneously kicking because that would be abusive to the person holding the Thai pads. Although, we did get in a pretty good rhythm so it might have seemed like the kicks were coming simultaneously.

I had so much fun doing this exercise but I think it's because, in general, I really enjoy roundhouse kicks.

I asked the newbie about her name. It sounded like she said Chelsea but then her voice dropped and remaining syllables were pretty much indiscernible. A bit later, I asked her again.

Me: You're going to have to spell that for me.

C: If I spell it for you, it's going to be even more complicated.

I wanted to laugh. Hard. But I didn't because "C" is so serious looking. I think she's Korean but I'm not completely sure. Maybe she was going to write her name in Korean characters because, yes, that would have been even more complicated.

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