Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Lounging in the Yoga Lounge

I've just about recovered from my bout with Pure Barre with the exception of my abs and lats which are still quite sore despite the fact that Isabelle did not allow us newbies to pick up weights.

I had a jones going on for hot yoga and decided to try a class described as Yoga Vinyasa Flow WARM (75 to 85 degrees).

I rented a mat and set myself next to the mirror in the surprisingly small cozy green room.

As I sat there, I thought You call this warm?

When we started our downward facing dog, cobra...series, I saw the sweat rolling down my legs and things definitely got heated. I had a hard time keeping up and getting in touch with my breath.

At one point, we got into a deep squat just like I see people from Nepal doing when they sit around and wait or engage in conversation. From the deep squat, most of the class went into crow pose but I did not since I've never attempted it before.

We placed a block underneath our backs to get into fish pose towards the end of class and that felt very good. The teacher, Alyson, thought doing fish was appropriate since we had done a lot of heart opening poses.

After removing the block, we stretched our arms overhead then opened our mouths to breathe -- almost like the lion's breath. We did that a couple of times and it felt very good.

No doubt that we did a lot of heart openers because I seriously wanted to cry at the end of class. Now that I think about it, pigeon pose could have also been a culprit. Either way, I felt satisfied after practicing yoga.


  1. 'Drea, I've tried Bikram Yoga twice and enjoyed it. I love the heat. Vinyasa flow warm is new to me. It sounds amazing so I'll have to do some research and see if it is offered here. Thanks.

  2. Sounds like an amazing class that was tough in all the right ways. Have a great week 'Drea.

  3. @Anon & Diane,

    The warm flow class was a very solid one and I felt very good afterwards. Anon, Hope that you find one to try; Diane, hope that you have a great week too.