Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Xplicit Butt Kicking

My vacation MO has been to roll over, check Groupon Now! and see what fitness and health deals are being offered and to find an a.m. class so it is not so disruptive to the tourism schedule. I saw at deal offered by Xplicit Fitness that incorporated boxing. Cool, sign me up..

I knew that the jig was up when I spotted a CrossFit box across from Xplicit Fitness. Leah, the trainer, helped me wrap my hands then it was go time. We warmed up for three minutes by jumping rope.
Three minutes is a long time, isn't it?

So, yeah, Leah likes to taunt a little. After warming up, we did circuits:.

  • Pull-ups on TRX Situation
  • Fast feet on Bosu Ball
  • Undulation Rope (not as easy as it looks)
  • Triceps Extensions (with weights of choice)
  • Stability Ball (Jack Knifes or something)
  • Laps, Two (around building)

  • Repeat

    Round three included:

  • Bicep Curls on TRX
  • Superman on Bosu Ball
  • Cobra-Like Lift while working Undulation Rope
  • Slamming Medicine Ball
  • Mountain Climbers (first round); Jumping Pull-ups (with box)
  • Victory Lap

  • And we still weren't finished...

    Four people put on gloves and the other four did ab work and when the bell went off, it was time to switch. By this time, I didn't think my arms were capable of working. One of my classmates said that she felt like vomiting. We switched twice and when I thought that I absolutely did not have anything else in the tank, Leah announced that it was time to do a two minute plank. She kept chiming in with stuff like:

    Think about your fitness goals. If you give 100%, you get 100%. Go to that place -- that deep, dark place.

    Um, I really didn't have to go anywhere since I was already at that place...

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