Friday, April 27, 2012

Schumacher Returns

Vacation sneaked up on me. Don't know why since I had been anticipating it and I was also the one that pushed the confirm button for reservations.

Right before I left, I saw a Zen Habits post about over planning. Leo B. had just been to San Diego and had planned to read a book, do yoga and see all kinds of things which didn't happen. Ditto for me. I also saw that Crabby McSlacker had just been in SD and had been to the Naked Cafe which I quickly added to my list of approved restaurants but I didn't make it to Naked Cafe while they were open. Other stuff that I really didn't get to: Blood, Bones and Butter, Shape magazines and Game of Thrones.

I had my Sansa MP3 player + USB cord, iPod Touch + cord and earphones etc. but realized on the connecting flight to San Diego that I had forgotten the battery charger for my camera. I've had dreams about leaving my camera at home and if your camera runs out of juice, it's just about the same dream. I figured that I could get a disposable camera or buy a replacement charger but ended up using the iPod Touch camera.

I really wish that I had gotten to try more exercise experiences. I bought three Groupon Now! health and fitness deals but, in the end, used two. The last full day in San Diego I swam for thirty minutes and then walked and walked around La Jolla Cove and, later, Hillcrest. In the end, exercise is pretty much exercise unless it's Xplicit.

It was nice not to step on the scale for a week but, of course, I stepped on it today; I was down two pounds. For the most part, I did okay with eating but I felt like I was eating all the time. I bought a jar of MaraNatha almond butter and it was pretty much gone by the time of departure. I did use some of that to make almond butter and banana sandwiches for the trip back home.

Before I left, I thought about the people and things that I would miss as well as the money spent but it was definitely worth it to vacate the familiar...

My friend asked me which one of my exercises I enjoyed the most. I laughed: It's not about enjoyment all the time then I told her about what one of The Biggest Loser trainers said to Bryan: it's not supposed to be easy. At least, that's what I tell myself to make it through some workouts.

Enough Food to Feed an Army at Freshii in LA

"Cirque" at Santa Monica Pier

To The Point, Another Organic Restaurant in SD

How Most Days Started

The Veggie Sandwich at Lotus Cafe

Favorite Trees by the Pool

On the Outside Wanting In at UCSD

The Flower Fields

La Jolla Cove

More La Jolla Cove

Ocean Beach

Belgian Chocolate & Graham Cracker "Fat Free" Yogurt at The Golden Spoon

*In a nod to my San Diego driving skills, my friend started referring to me as Michael Schumacher. On another note, there's this triathlete that I communicate with on Twitter. I know that she's in the San Diego area and my instinct was to contact her but I didn't. She ended up dropping me a line and saying that we should have met so I took her up on the offer for next time...

Ever been to San Diego or tried any interesting calisthenics while on vacation?


  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds as if you had a great time, despite not using that other Groupon! Happy you are home safe. :)

  2. Cindy,

    Thanks. I did have a great time and I look forward to many more San Diego "Groupon" experiences in the near future. :)