Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trouble From The Get-Go

My climbing has been so infrequent that this toddler has better moves than I do.

I love the way that the toddler dismisses the toys. She also has a pretty nice drop knee...

Cindy and Val joined Patti and me for a climbing outing and, now, they're able to scratch rock climbing off of their bucket lists. They did so well and had a lot more stamina than I did on my first time out.

Val Ascending Her Very First Route

Summit Consultation

I was proud of myself as well because I decided to climb a route that I knew was trouble from the get-go. I would say that it owned me and I did say as much when I came down but it didn't since I hung in there and ascended the route even though it took me countless attempts.

Had an opportunity to scratch anything off of your bucket list lately?


  1. I miss climbing, but I kind of feel like that may not be smart at the moment ;)

  2. By the way I watched White Wedding and really liked it. You're right, not as funny as Ping Pong Playa, but then it was a different sort of movie. The actor who played Elvis was really charming, I think that's part of why it was so good. And the music.

  3. @Sara,

    LOL. I think you're right but once the child gets to be a toddler, you all can climb together. :)


    Glad that you enjoyed White Wedding. I had forgotten about the music which was pretty good and you're right about the charmer too...

  4. 'Twas the most fun I've had in a while! Ready for round #2! Don't listen to 'Drea...her and Patty are rockstars.

  5. From one star to another,

    So glad that you had fun and that you're ready for another round. :)