Saturday, April 7, 2012

Static Energy

Thought that I had looked at a light too long but it turned out that my vision was distorted and that hasn't happened in a long time and it usually happens when I'm stressed out. It kind of feels like I'm looking through a clear honeycomb when it happens.

I wondered how I could be stressed out since I just went to restorative yoga two days ago but I also remembered something Patti told me when I talked about my frustration with clutter. I had thought about enlisting the services of a professional organizer but I told her that I can't keep doing that but, obviously, I have a problem... Patti said that uncluttering is like pruning or a healthy lifestyle -- you have to keep doing it. True dat, Patti. True dat...

The interesting thing about the distorted vision is that it only happened in one eye this time. I immediately took to the couch and Hazira went to work on me with EFT which worked.

I did have a headache afterwards but by the time we finished watching White Wedding, the headache was pretty much gone.

I took a chance on White Wedding (51%) even though it was not fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Another movie that I like, Ping Pong Playa, only had a 66% rating and it made me laugh a lot. Fifty one percent and 66% -- close enough. I thought White Wedding was sweet -- but not too syrupy; it held my attention and made me laugh. Kinda had a Disney tone to it...

P.S. Hazira, thanks for taking care of that static energy...


  1. worked and my feeling was less intense. I liked it when he said it is all connected.

  2. Gotta try that!

    Distorted vision + headache sounds a bit like migraine... and if so, my sympathies, they suck!

  3. @Jane,

    Glad it worked. That was the first time that I've had tapping done but just about any time I've had other energy work, it's been successful.


    Although I did experience sensitivity to light, I don't think it was a migraine even though I took an almost three hour nap and, in general, felt quite hung over the next day...

  4. I'll try White Wedding, because I watched Ping Pong Playa on your recommendation and laughed my ass off.

  5. I love it when a movie makes me laugh. White Wedding wasn't as funny as Ping Pong Playa but...

    Let me know what you think about WW.