Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marisa, 1...Remedial Kettlebellers, 0

Alexandrea and I arrived at the same time and I couldn't believe the volume and length of her hair and wanted to know where she'd been hiding it all of this time. She told me that she hasn't done it for two days (stint on Katy Trail caused delay), it's usually straight and that's why it looks like there's more to it.

We both agreed that although it was nice to be done, before, with kettlebell at 10:00 a.m., it's even nicer not having to roll out of bed for a 9:00 a.m. class.

As Mike finished up with his intermediate class, we stepped into the studio. Kelly did cobra and bow pose (to give her abs a break) and got into the poses so effortlessly. Go ahead, Kelly, rub it in...

Marisa did not teach last Sunday and she came back reinvigorated. Maybe she'd been mad that everyone hadn't been sweating in previous classes but she threw circuit after circuit at us; the agony started with something like this:

Two-hand swing, 30 seconds
Round the Body with a Catch, 60 seconds
Righ-hand Swing, 30
Alt. Lunge, 30
Row (R), 30
Push-up with Tap on Kettlebell (R), 30
Squat, Curl, Press, Tricep..., 60
Left-Hand Swing, 30
Alt. Lunge, 30
Row, (L), 30
Figure Eight, 30
Push-Up with...30
H2H (Hand-to-Hand), 30
Rear Lunge, 30
Triceps Dips, 30

Because we didn't have time to get chairs, we did partner triceps dips which had all of us laughing. Chip thought it was probably a manuveur tried at parties or something. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Barbara is so petite and my balance is not always the best. I thought that I might crush her. When you do partner triceps dips, one person lies on the floor -- knees up and, voilĂ , a perch to do triceps dips from.

We did burpees, squat thrusters, mountain jacks, presses, jumping lunges etc. before it was all over with; it seems that Marisa wanted to carry us to fatique so she could see how our form would hold up.

Push your butt back and drive your hips up aggressively...Finish it...Sit on your butt (in order to do presses.)

After our 60 minutes were up, several us stayed down on the floor (clean, I'm sure) since we had just finished with ab work.

Alexandrea: I want pancakes. I want bacon. I want eggs...

Me: I want a massage...

What do you want after an intense workout?

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