Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cindy's Got Stuff To Do

I had just about everything packed:

  • Frozen Steaz Zero Calorie Tea (post Hot Yoga treat)

  • Small Organic Gala Apple

  • Spare Shirt

  • Towel One

  • Towel Two

  • Water on the Rocks

  • But before I depart, the vision in my right eye goes all distorty. Seriously? Really? I felt relatively good and I've been waiting for Hot Yoga day since I didn't go last Saturday because I had a hangover from my last bout with distorted vision followed by a headache.

    I start tapping  energetically as Hazira suggested. I do downward facing dog because of something else that Hazira suggested. I grab the major acupressure point between my thumb and index finger and I continue to tap like I'm a court stenographer or Mavis Beacon.

    I head out and grab Healing with Pressure Point Therapy* which I have checked out from the library. I decided to drive a bit and, if the tide didn't turn, I would return home. When I hit a stop light, I tapped and tapped. And before I even pulled away, I checked the index in Healing with Pressure...for eye pressure points. Between the tapping and acupressure, the distorted vision went away...

    I felt good in class. Cindy reminded us that we can break up and dissolve tension with our breath and that's what I'm forgetting to do during the day. I'm holding my breath and stressing over this and that -- a situation that's not going to work.

    Cindy also told us that our breathing determines how long we will be held in poses. Basically, if we're not breathing, we're going to be in a holding pattern on any given pose but then she made a retraction. I've got stuff to do...Haha...That meant that all of us yogis needed to make sure that we were breathing. I'm going to definitely work on taking deep breaths outside of yoga class because I've got stuff to do as well...

    *In traditional Chinese medicine, vision problems are intimately connected to the Liver meridian, which starts at the top of the big toe and runs up the entire body to the eyes. Treatment for various eye complaints frequently involves stimulating the Liver meridian points to benefit vision...(197)
    The info above came from the section called Eye Strain and in a gray box titled "Blind with Rage." Hmmm...

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