Thursday, April 19, 2012

Like Pilates But With A Bar

I vacated my state. Doesn't vacation literally mean to vacate or did I just make that up?

Leaving one's state or state of mind is challenging. I even had the nerve to groan a little when the captain said that it would take three plus hours to get to California which reminded me of Louis CK's bit about no one being happy...

I didn't exercise on Tuesday as I had laundry to do et al. I also did not exercise on Wednesday since it was a travel day. To say that I was out of sorts is an understatement. I told my poor friend that I needed to do something to get out of the state that I was in. For me, I cannot relax until I've exercised.

I decided to try Pure Torture Barre. I was not the only newbie, thank God. We got a Pure ball, resistance band and weights to enhance our workout. Pure Barre reminds me a lot of Pilates with a lot of small, precise movements plus pulsing etc. I don't even remember a fourth of the stuff that we did since the sweat started raining down during the warm-up. I grabbed my hamstrings at one point and the instructor, Isabela, was like, yes, we're working our hamstrings. My h'strings and abs took the brunt of that workout.

I thought about a lot of the activities that I've been involved with and Pure Barre is just as tough as any of them. Isabelle, from France, looked so sweet and innocent when I first walked into the studio but I definitely saw her in a different light after 60 minutes. I was also in different light as I felt more like myself after I had exercised and, to borrow a Terry McMillanism, I felt like I could exhale.


  1. I really want to try barre class. There are one or two I know about locally but the times/days are convenient....

  2. We don't have any Pure Barre classes in my area so I figured that I might as well try it out while I was on vacation. Plus, there was the added benefit of not having to see my classmates again had I flaked out in class...

    Hope that you can fit Pure Barre into your schedule one day.