Monday, March 11, 2013

Everybody Says Hello

The last time that I took Madonna's class she emphasized the importance of having a home yoga practice so instead of going to a studio yesterday, I opened the Simply Yoga ap on my iPod and practiced for twenty minutes. I'm sure the carpet was far from pristine but I'll live and I felt pretty good after twenty minutes of practice that included Child's Pose, Warrior I and Upward Facing Dog.

Next time that I travel I will put my yoga strap on my packing list since my IT Band is giving me feedback...

Tried Tai Chi for about five minutes during an energy workshop that I attended and decided to try an entire class today. OMG, everyone introduces themselves in Florida...

During the first part of class, my arms felt the burn as we repeated various exercises 21 times. Oh, Tai Chi looks gentle but don't let the smooth taste fool you.

One of the exercises that I really liked was "knee rubbing." You put both hands on a  knee in a particular stance then you rub your knee in one direction then the other. Next, you rub the knee with your fingertips then cup the kneecap and move almost in a lunge-like matter.

About halfway through the class, the teacher took us rookies to the back to show basic moves then rejoined the more experienced bunch. The experienced rookies showed us beginners the moves again so that we could familiarize ourselves.

I don't think that I'll do Tai Chi on a regular basis but I'm glad that I tried it. The room that we practiced Tai Chi in had a wonderful view.

The Room


  1. That Tai Chi sounds intriguing. Lots of things feel easy for the first 5 reps :-)

    I think we have a Tai Chi show on PBS in the early morning, I will look for it. It would be good to do some movement early in the day to get up-and-running.

    1. gingerzingi,

      Good point. My first thought is usually "I'm supposed to be in shape but this situation is ________." :)

  2. Tai chi is definitely not easy. The people practicing it in the park make it look effortless.

    1. Sara,

      I should have consulted you first...