Saturday, March 23, 2013

First One In

First One In, Last One Out
Went back to Zumba after almost a month's absence. Laura asked if there were any newbies in class and one brave woman raised her hand. Laura gave her the run down and said The only rule of Zumba....then turned to us and we responded is to have fun.

Laura went on to tell us not to take ourselves seriously. Because if you do, you're going to make me look ridiculous. With my being in the opposite direction of the class many times, I definitely did not make Laura look ridiculous.

Rested a bit after Zumba then went to the pool and swam a mile. At lap 27, the wall appeared. My friend Bob Harper popped into my head -- ...finish what you started. As I did the backstroke, I told myself Your arms still work. Your arms still work. I also thought about a CPR class that I recently took and how compressions require stamina plus good posture and appropriate hand placement. I remember how the instructor said do compressions and breaths until help arrives or until you cannot do it anymore...

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