Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I took about one hour and fifteen minutes off the life of my swimming suit -- not all of that swim time since Chatty Kathleen was at the pool. CK instantly noticed that I had a new suit on and said that navy blue looked good on me. CK talks a lot but her speech is usually benign...

I noticed the Weight Watchers woman who usually incorporates a kickboard into her workout and I noticed the unhappy child taking swimming lessons. Don't let go he told his instructor then I don't want to go that way after he, dutifully, threw a diving ring into the pool. I imagine him, down the line, being very comfortable in the water. I hope that his tears won't be for naught.

In the locker room, Kathleen said This must be a long day for you after work. She's never said that before even though I've been at plenty of nighttime open swim sessions.

I feel peculiar when I don't exercise and I swim when I can at a pool that doesn't cost a fortune. When I get in the water, I try to think about pleasant events especially when I'm doing the backstroke and looking up at the wooden ceiling. I think about how I feel most competent doing the front crawl now. When I've finished with laps, I float a bit. I do the backstroke a bit. I climb out of the water even though I don't really want to.

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