Saturday, March 16, 2013

300 Hours

Arrived In The Nick of Time
 Effortless effort popped into my mind before I headed to the pool and I must have internalized the message because I felt in sync from the very first 25 yards and I felt like I was working with the water.

Once I hit lap 20, I decided to go for a mile. I swam in my new suit that arrived a day before I was scheduled to leave for vacation. I went with the TYR square neck again -- a navy blue one instead of cabernet this time. I'm pleased with the way it fits as the old one has completely lost its shape.

This suit is supposed to be good for 300 + hours in the pool and I'm looking forward to every hour.


  1. You are right they have good suits there. I love this one but probably not supportive enough in the bust area:

  2. The Maxine is cute...

    TYR's and Speedos seem to fit me best. I wish that the Ocean line looked better on me; they have the Speedo look but, unfortunately, not the fit.