Monday, March 25, 2013

Forward, Not Backward

Went to boxing and about half the class showed up. We'll just chalk up the attendance to the post-snowpocalypse. It was a good class and, as my sparring partner Michelle said, there was something very gratifying about one sequence that Dawn gave us: right kick, left kick, jab and cross. When you get into a good rhythm, it's beautiful and taxing.

Dawn reminded me several times about my stance which is often too wide. When we did one sequence: kick, jab...jab, cross, she told me that, after kicking, I needed to land my foot closer to my opponent. Of course, it made perfect sense when she demonstrated how you, essentially, want to be in your opponent's grill so, therefore, your momentum should be forward not backward.

At the end of class, Dawn showed us a hip-thrusting-foot-stomping-elbow-throwing self-defense move. She now wants to show us one technique per class. I still remember Dawn's talk about elbows in a previous class. She said that the elbow is one of the hardest bones in the body. It's a no-brainer but a fact that was not in the forefront of my mind even though I often joke about throwing 'bows. Now, I think about the hardness of the elbow a lot.

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