Thursday, February 6, 2014

But I Do

Put mat next to Janice's in Gloria's class last night. Met Janice in another Gloria class.

Things that I know about Janice:

  • Where she works

  • Number of children (including one who works at a computer but is not convinced that stretching will help his neck pain)

  • What area she lives in

  • Mother is a bibliophile

  • I don't really know Janice but I do. Don't feel like I'm infringing on her airspace when we make a wide V with our legs or when we're twisting, arms extended.

    Also know that I enjoy practicing next to someone that I'm familiar with even though no words or looks, barely, are exchanged.

    Felt lovely after class too. Must have been all of that hip opening with dragon and pigeon...

    I am totally addicted to relaxation music and looking forward to creating my next playlist.

    Favorite song so far is Lili Haydn's The Longing.

    Do you have a favorite relaxation song?

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