Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Whim and A Kettlebell

Went to retrieve my kettlebell from Marisa's where it's been since December. Glad that I got to say goodbye to Princess Tiffany, Crazy Lats, Julia and Paige. Closure is good...

Another kettlebeller let me know about a special Super Bowl XLVIII kettlebell class which would be at 10 o'clock. I was torn because Gloria has a yoga class at 9 and one at 11 and I wanted to go even though I had practiced yoga on Saturday but felt that I couldn't pass up the kettlebell opportunity.

On a whim, I threw my back-up mat in the car and headed to the kettlebell class which I ended up observing because the instructor didn't have time to assess me plus I hadn't signed a waiver.

Mike (the instructor) has bulbous arms. If Mike were a snake, he'd be a Boa constrictor. As I watched Mike swing, I realized how raggedy some of my kettlebell maneuvers are. Guess that's why they call it kettlebell practice.

After a while, I got antsy that I was behind schedule as far as exercising but was delighted that I would be able to make Gloria's 11 o'clock class. I felt kind of naked not having my yoga block, towel, eye bag and strap but I had a mat and, even though I like my yoga accoutrements, the mat is enough.

Got to the gym, claimed real estate with my mat then hopped on a dreadmill for 20 minutes. There were over XLVIII people in class. Usually, Gloria has more space around her but not today. It was a great class. Divinely quiet except for when we laughed after a few people tried elephant's trunk pose and another advanced pose. Gloria also talked that talk about sentient beings as we started sun salutations. Loved it...

One of my favorite visuals from a really full class is when everyone raises their arms to inhale. So cool.

Got home and did kettlebell tone up on Amy Dixon's Give Me Ten! Amy's kettlebell looks pretty small. I'm almost sure it's similar to kbs that you find in Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I will have to find other routines because I feel like I can only do half the maneuvers in tone up with my 10 kg.

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