Thursday, February 13, 2014

Current Situation

Went to Gloria's class last night. Population 50 + yogis with, mostly, everyone on time. I will say that the woman who came in 15 minutes after the hour was a bit of a surprise.

Headed to the YMCA after yoga. I have a seven day pass and wanted to hit the pool which was also quite populated so I hit the track and walked about a mile then headed to the locker room to switch gear.

As I walked out of the door at 9:45, the final call came over the public announcement system -- 15 minutes to closing.

I really liked the Y that I visited. It felt like a giant playground and I can see myself checking in at around, say, 6:30 and not leaving until the final call. On the other hand, the locker room is big enough to hold a significant amount of cots. A fitness hostel anyone?

Every so often, the Y pops into my mind but, budget-wise, it's not the friendliest and, now, I'd really miss the yoga teachers at my current situation.

I will crunch numbers but it seems that a membership at the Y is the price of current fitness facility + rocking climbing gym + pool that I go to. Although, the pool that I go to is about 20 minutes away and I could join the Y for a couple of months then suspend the membership...

Rode home with the windows down and, thankfully, did not have any post-swimming breathing problems. The chlorine seems to be more intense at the Y but maybe it has better ventilation. Who knows?

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