Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Invested Climber

Familiar View
I have been jonesing to swim but the winter break closure, weather and sickness have conspired to keep me away for over a month.

As my coworker Ariel likes to say, Tuesday is traditionally a swimming night but there's a no travel advisory. Plus, the pool (and just about every other facility) is closed anyway.

Went climbing yesterday and I was proud of myself because I made a decision to be more present and to not think about the possibility of rushing off to yoga afterward.

Being in the moment and focusing on climbing definitely helped since I was more invested and climbed better.

After Patti and I decided that we didn't have another route in us, I was tempted to start moving faster because I could have still made it to yoga. Although, I would have had to leave abruptly and drive hurriedly.

Of course, now that I've been in the house since 4 p.m., a yoga class sure would be nice.

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