Monday, February 17, 2014

According to Kera

Got to the YMCA and the swimming lanes were busy so I took to the track, walked a mile then headed to the pool. This woman, Kera, came in and she asked this guy if she could share his lane. He was about to get out so I got in the lane with Kera, ha-ha.

Kera is 70-ish. She wanted me to try on her fins. She also wants me to participate in a sprint tri next month. You're young, she said. You need to push yourself. Being active will make such a difference when you're older. Kera also told me about the woman who started doing Ironmans in her 50's.

I need to start swimming a mile again, according to Kera, and I have a good swimming suit to, according to Kera -- so the mile shouldn't be a problem. Just think of it as three sets of 11 laps she said.

Kera got out of the pool after about an hour. Even though I was tired, I swam more laps but ran into Kera again after she came out of the sauna which she thought was a good idea for me too. It helps, supposedly, to deal with going down the cold tunnel to the locker room.

On the way to the lockers, Kera told me that she had done two triathlons over the weekend and had taken a spinning class. As such, her hip was bothering her and she's thinking about getting into yoga.

Kera was an interesting note to end my seven (eight really) day pass on. I did enjoy the Y more than I thought I would. Whoever designed this facility did a great job. It feels like such a light and open space.


The Track
The B-ball Court
Windows Above Swimming Pool

I go gaga over windows since I work in a windowless building...

I lost my lap counter the other day but, lately, I've been feeling more intuitive about exercise so I might not replace it.

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