Monday, February 10, 2014

Mixing Reality

It keeps doing this...

My most recent dream is that the water is off and I am reminded of it when I turn on the faucet. There's water in the reservoir but not enough to, say, finish washing the dishes. Also dreamed that I was sitting on the floor across from a pregnant woman who had recently experienced a death in the family; she wanted to know about energy work and I told her about one of the interventions where the meridians are lightly brushed.

I wonder, with the latter dream, if I am mixing reality with reality TV. I watched, to me, one of the funniest episodes of An Idiot Abroad. Karl is in Thailand and, as a "reward" for training with a boxer, he's sent for a Thai massage in a women's prison where there are mattresses on the floor for the massages. Karl doesn't find the Thai massage very relaxing because he's thinking that his therapist might have murdered someone plus the massage gets intense. It's pretty funny when Karl asks while the therapist is massaging his glutes: You don't get stress in your ass, do you?

I've also been watching The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who are whipped into shape (by a trainer) before their journey and McGregor asks Why do we need to work our asses like that? 

Went to Gloria's 9 o'clock class yesterday. Before class started, Juliano said We need a bigger room. The room at our fitness facility is pretty large. Plus, Juliano missed the days when Gloria only had one class on Sunday. Gloria reminded us that the class is not full until everyone is one hand space a part and she appreciates us making room for others.

Juliano just started going to a yoga studio too and they are packed as well.

Since I don't like the back of the bus feeling, I will get to my Saturday yoga class earlier. It also seems that many are on the cranky edge and dealing with tight quarters. I will say that I felt much better after Sherry gave me the mother of all hugs. Sherry then introduced me to one of her buddies who also gave me a hug. Overall, it was nice to be back in Gloria's class even though she had us do lots of ab work in preparation for bird of paradise pose. Have you seen that bird situation?

Went to get a massage and the therapist told me You know the rules -- relax and enjoy. Of course, words alone don't make a good massage but she is talented.

I often think of massage therapists as angels and ambassadors of harmony. Many of them run clinics in decorum. I know, it's their job but...

The therapist sent me on my way with hot tea. The snow looked magical. I sang, felt more loving, centered et al.

On the way to the massage, saw a church billboard with a T.S. Elliot quote:

If I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels.


  1. I watched one episode of An Idiot Abroad and I just didn't "get" the humor. But I'll try another, maybe the light will dawn.

    Do you think the influx of yogis is New Year's Resolution-related? Maybe the crowd will thin in a few weeks. Or maybe the fitness center be able to offer more classes. Like if they had another instructor available. Like YOU, maybe...

    UGH more snow. We're expecting some here, too, but our weatherpeople are very cagey about making specific predictions.

  2. I don't find An Idiot Abroad funny funny but I do find Karl's reaction to certain scenarios funny.

    That "joke" is definitely on Karl and I feel like Ricky Gervais and the other host are definitely laughing at him and not with him. There are times when Gervais laughs manically while or after he's put Karl in some crazy situation and that's definitely not funny. Having said that, I'm still curious about future episodes.

    I think part of the influx of yogis is resolution-related but there are classes that have high attendance year round.

    Hmmmm, yoga teacher training has crossed my mind one or two times. Being a yoga ambassador is a seductive idea.

  3. I think the part that confuses me, is I don't understand how much of Karl is acting. Certainly he's set up to take the fall, and the way Gervais describes him as a "moron", that seems to be the premise, but I always have the impression that much of his reaction is acting, that he's probably a fairly accomplished comedian who's pretending to be this character. Which is okay, that's what acting is for, but not knowing/understanding makes my brain a little uncomfortable while watching the show (I've seen 4 episodes now).

  4. I didn't pick up an acting vibe from Karl but I can be oblivious at times...

    I checked out his bio and it says that he started off as a producer of The Ricky Gervais Show and that was his only role before being "pulled" into the mix...

  5. You might be entirely right. I just watched the season 1 finale, and Gervais said something about "people think that Karl is a character we invented and direct." Given that Gervais is known for his mockumentary-type shows, I think that's why I didn't quite know whether it was "real" or not. Like I said, it doesn't actually matter - either it's funny/interesting or it isn't - but it kind of made me anxious a little bit, trying to figure it out. Just ask my husband how well I deal with ambiguous situations! Holy cow you should have seen me freaking out about the Olympic events starting before we'd seen the opening ceremonies...

  6. LOL. I don't like ambiguity either.

    I've behind with Biggest Loser and didn't want to know about the winner but so many people had concerns about how much weight the winner lost that it was hard to avoid -- especially in Bloggerland.

    You make a good point: either it's funny/interesting or it isn't...