Saturday, February 22, 2014

Putting Laughter in the Cocktail

Let's see. Slammed down my phone on Friday and, on Thursday, slammed my right fist onto my desk. Not a very smart move for a number of reasons including the fact that I am not ambidextrous.

Could have a used a cocktail of acupuncture, energy work, massage and yoga this weekend.

Thankfully, it was sunny and nice today and I went for a long walk which can hold its own as a cocktail ingredient. Listened to music and one of the funniest and most poignant episodes of The Moth, "Wrestlers, Exoneree, Nurses."

During one of the segments, Richard Price says:
My grandmother was 5-foot tall and weighed 300 pounds. Despite her size, she grew up feeling utterly invisible.
He goes on to say:
She was my most loving relative...Not to dis my nuclear family but when I went to visit her, it was like being on parole.
That totally got me to thinking about who makes me feel as if I'm on parole*...

I laughed and laughed while I walked. I should have put laughter in that cocktail too.

Went to my remedial yoga class and it was packed to the gills. I claimed my real estate then went to the bathroom only to discover that the paper towels were gone. Ah man, I moaned. This woman said something indecipherable and I asked her to repeat what she'd said. It turns out that I had an invitation (eventually several) to wipe my hands on her sweatshirt. I howled because she was so funny with her insistence that I do it. I followed the funny woman's lead and wiped my hands on my clothes. What was I moaning for in the first place -- a paper towel emergency?

Before yoga, watched an episode of Pit Boss. Shorty was having a really hard time and told his priest:
I have very limited family and very limited friends. I rescue all of these pit bulls but feel like I haven't done enough.
The priest tells Shorty There will never be a time when you've done all that you can do. In response to Shorty's comment about being a lost soul, he tells him You are not alone. You are absolutely never alone. You're only alone if you block out everything else. (Season 3, Epi 8)

*Actually, my grandmother made me feel like I was on parole a lot.

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