Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Gotta Hold Out...

No Shoes Required
Woke up at my leisure which was nice.

Made myself a smoothie and then put Kenpo X into the DVD player. Thanks Gingerzingi for hipping me to this part of P90X. I like the punching and the kicking but also like the way that the workout is broken down. I also feel like it's such a well-balanced workout.

I managed to get to my Saturday yoga class earlier than I have been getting there so it was kind of funny when I walked in and only one person was in the room. It ended up being a full class but not nearly as stuffed as it was last Saturday.

One of Alison's lines of the practice: At the bottom of the exhale, let go of something in your life. Always a good reminder during corpse pose.

My Champion (Advanced C9 Semi-Fitted) t-shirt works well and is really the only shirt that I'm happy with wearing to yoga right now. I picked it up on sale at Target almost two summers ago and glad that I snagged it.

What does not work well -- Hanes women's boy shorts. Gave myself a major wedgie while working on yoga fundamentals.

I've been watching Pit Boss and Ronald, who works for Shorty of Shortywood, was given the task to train one of Shorty's pitbulls for a photo shoot stunt. The dog trainer tells Ronald You gotta hold out for the behavior that you want. I'm actually feeling that way about myself. At the other facility that I go to for yoga, I feel distracted by the latecomers and I want to move past that feeling of distraction.

About a month ago, I felt like I was devolving. Don't quite feel that way anymore but there's still plenty of progress to make. Feel like that fits into that "holding out" category as well.

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