Thursday, February 12, 2015


Feeling much better but not 100%.

Because my voice is still distorted, I've been advised to drink camel milk and a ginger honey combo. I would try everyone's suggestions but since my throat is not sore, I'm just going to ride it out.

Took the day off because I am close to the maximum amount of vacation that I can accrue and I took today off because it's my mother's birthday. Kind of funny, though, because she made several appointments...

Headed to an auto place to finally get an oil change. The wait was two hours but didn't know when I'd have an opportunity to get maintenance done on my car again so I hunkered down. Went to have coffee at a nearby Target and also shopped.

When I went back to the auto place, wondered why they weren't sharing the WiFi code until I looked at the wall. The code had been right in front of my face.

The technician told me that my third brake light was out as well as a headlight. Let him change the brake light but not the headlight because they wanted $42 to change it. I've changed it before and it's not really out. The light burns out fast for some reason and is dim so I do need to change it. I appreciate them checking because the cops in the 'Fugee's neighborhood are always trying, in the words of Chamillionaire, to catch you ridin' dirty. They've stopped me before because my license plate light was out...

Also stopped by World Market, Trader Joe's, Lane Bryant, Chipotle and the library where I picked up Mark Bittman's latest book. Had no clue that it's 1,000 plus pages; it's a good thing that I do strength training.

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