Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Icing and... The Woman Who Gained Weight

The promise of a wintry mix and a two hour end-of-day meeting on Friday sent me in the direction of home and not to the FriYAY! yoga class that I've been going to. I haz regrets...

The other day my mother told me about some woman that she'd seen on the news who exercised and dieted all the time and was unhappy. The woman finally stopped dieting. At 200 pounds, the woman is now happy.

It's kind of funny that my mother told me about this story. I thought she'd seen it on the world news but couldn't find it. Also couldn't find the story on the local news. Maybe she made it up? Just kidding.

Lately, I've been saying no less. I had put the kibosh on cupcakes because they are definitely high up on the kryptonite list.

My supervisor left a mini raspberry cupcake from one of my favorite places, Sweet Art, on my desk Friday and I ate it then restrained myself from running my finger around the box to collect the rest of the icing.

When I think about my mother, I don't ever remember her being overweight and she eats what she wants: cake, hot water cornbread, whole eggs etc. Guess that's what you call eating in moderation.

I think I might need a Rumspringa from food hypervigilance...

And, of course, I need to remind myself to embrace my body's present moment...

Did you see the article by Oliver Sacks? Like so many, I am moved and inspired by his candor and attitude.

One of my favorite lines:

There is no time for anything inessential.

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