Saturday, February 14, 2015

Without Constrictions

Thought about my grandmother as my eyes lingered on cloves of garlic on the table. My grandmother was an advocate of garlic tea for colds. I'm about to go there. This cold that I have is playing an Ashford and Simpson tune -- it seems to hang on. Being under the weather has definitely been a good reminder of how nice it feels to walk around on a regular basis without constrictions.

Went to Zumba this morning and wasn't feeling it.

Later on, met up with Alison and her family plus Gloria and her friend, Little Buddha, to watch "Sponge Bob Out of Water" but I could tell by the parking lot that the movie was sold out. Alison's son gave us Valentine's Day cards. Too cute.

Alison Inc. and Gloria stayed for the next show but I headed to a mall that I rarely go to. Wore myself out at J.C. Penney trying on clothes. Spent $33 on two tops and a pair of trousers. Wanted to check out other stores in the mall but I was knackered.


  1. I don't know if I could do garlic tea. I mean... well, I guess if I was desperate enough. I am sad that you are so desperate!

    Those tops are beautiful.

  2. Yes, desperation has set in. I'm going to see about getting to the acupuncturist next...

    I am very happy with my (colorful) Penney purchases. :)