Monday, February 23, 2015

The New One

The 'Fugee turned out to be my information specialist. She saw the same story that my mother saw about the woman who used to be a size four but is now much happier at 200 pounds. The story was on The Today Show which I haven't seen since I fell in love with the trio of Gayle, Charlie and Nora...

Out of 1,000 plus pages in Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything Fast, I landed on page 290 -- Spaghetti with Garlicky Fresh Tomato Sauce. It's the first time that I've knowingly used butter to cook in a long time. Actually, it was a butter/olive oil combo.

The spaghetti was very tasty and I do believe that I moaned a couple of times. Supposedly, you come out on top when you cook at home. Pretty sure that what I made is better than Sketti... Loved the taste that the wine provided. Am I the only one that uses cooking wine when a recipe calls for wine? Looking forward to delving deeper into Bittman's book.

Was very happy to find my Stretch Max DVD since I have a wicked (less now) tweak in my shoulder blade. The 'Fugee asked if the tweak was my old "friend" and I said No, it's a new one.


  1. That Sketti sounds absolutely repulsive, but who knows? My brother makes meatloaf with ketchup and mustard, which sounded nasty to me, but in fact it's delicious. Tastes like a hamburger.

    I don't use cooking wine, because of the salt. I'm not sure there's a real culinary justification for it; I think it was invented simply to keep the servants from drinking up all the wine in the kitchen :-D

  2. Mustard -- interesting.

    The high salt content in cooking wine totally slipped under my radar. :(