Monday, February 2, 2015

The Good Yogi

The month of free yoga is over.

It was an interesting gift.

Wondered if I should have volunteered to help and Rosie, colleague and yoga buddy, asked if donations were being taken and the owner said No -- to just come to class or buy a class card after January.

When I looked at the prices, they were reasonable compared to other studios but I also learned that the prices would go up in February. Surprise.

It's also surprising when I see yoga studios on group coupon sites but maybe I am surprised to easily.

When I went to purchase a class card, got surprised again because I forgot that the price for class cards are before tax and when I saw the total cost of the class card, it brought up old feelings about the cost of yoga and it's why I've never gotten rid of my gym membership even though some yoga studios have marketing slogans like Tired of gym yoga?

I do know what they mean by gym yoga. I've had a substitute teacher who called out poses like it was a Bingo event. I also know that gyms put pressure on all teachers to substitute so that someone who might not feel comfortable teaching yoga might do it anyway to please a fitness coordinator. However, there are really good yoga teachers who work at gyms...

Purchased a 15 class card and was, again, see the Spafinder logo. About two years ago, I gave my friend Lori something and she wanted to barter with me and gave me a Spa Finder card that someone had given her.

Had to turn my bedroom upside down but I found the $50 dollar card. Happy dance...

When one of my other colleagues and I discussed yoga, she said that the price of the class was worth the hour of peace.

I'll be a good yogi for now and stay in the moment. I'll cross the class card bridge when I get to it...


  1. Given how important yoga is to you, and how much it gives you beyond just the physical, I think it's a good investment.

  2. Good point which is going straight into the "pro" column.

    Can't access link but maybe it's because I'm fumbling around on tablet waiting for fake NyQuil to kick in.