Monday, February 9, 2015


I used to work on a literary journal and one of the guys who used to work with me came to pick up some old issues (and VHS tapes) that I've been storing at my house.

Had the VHS tapes mixed in with my own. Wait, VHS. Tapes of TV shows and movies that are all accessible on DVD. I remember the professional organizer (years ago) telling me to take a look at outdated media. Guess I forgot. Unfortunately, there are not many places that recycle VHS tapes.

In other news, my laryngitis is no longer acute.

Stayed put for most of the weekend and could tell the difference this morning because I felt rested.

It was a gorgeous weekend. Aired out my bedroom and several other rooms. Unintentionally aired out my car overnight.

And the air in my office is lovely thanks to this officewarming gift.

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