Saturday, February 7, 2015

Without The Concert

The Pink Unicorn Leggings
"Did you have a concert?" One of my colleagues asked.

I have acute laryngitis without the concert. The same colleague groaned in disappointment when she realized that I was growing my hair. She always dug my closely cropped cut and she made me miss the style too.

Haven't had coffee in almost three days...

Went to yoga on Friday and it felt so good to be on my mat. Everything was okay until right before Namaste and I had a coughing fit.

Went to Zumba today and did much better than expected. Loved Alisha's unicorn leggings. Generally, I wonder what mean person created leggings but Alisha (instructor) looked very lively in her pair.


  1. I'm sorry you're sick and I hope you're better soon! You're not the first person I know to say they have laryngitis, so maybe it's the same horrible thing going around. Please do not spread your cooties over the internet.

    I have mixed feelings about long vs short hair. When I had long hair it was very pretty and I got a lot of compliments on it. But it took too much maintenance - the main thing being that it was WET all the time. Took forever to dry after a shower, and was miserable during exercise and/or when it's humid. I was always putting it in a pony tail and clipping back and using barrettes and rubber bands and whatnot... too much trouble. And I have straight, low-maintenance white woman hair, and it was too much work for me!

    But then that's the drawback to straight hair - you can't close-crop and have it look good. It just looks like some kind of weird military crewcut or something. Mine needs to be at least a couple inches long.

  2. LOL... I will do my best not to spread my cooties over the internet.

    There seemed to be a ton of people sick this winter. I need to step up my hand washing efforts...

    I hear you about maintenance and straight hair. I have definitely spent more time on my hair and I have had to buy more products AND I'm definitely buying shampoo more often.